Sunday, May 31, 2009


Oh yeah, oh yeah! I got the sticky stuff!
Courtesy of eckersleys sticky paper and free tazer printing at my papa's work i have stickers!! Including: happy crap, singing skull, weeing cloud and heart kebab. They debuted at the freeze fest that was the Emerging Writers Festival Page Parlour and raised a few eyebrows with the crowd of mostly people who accidently showed up, and were like : WTF is going on?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Shoes

I was making an application to use Strip Space yesterday when I found this little strip hidden within the depths of my usb stick... I made it months ago while we were on the road, but in a weird coincidence last week I bought some brand spankin' new doc martens (the 90s is back I tell you!)... and this happened. Exactly this. I stood in dog shit. New Shoes. Dog Shit. SHIT.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Target 168: EUROVISION

Target 168: Eurovision has fought against the flu for my attention this weekend, and has somewhat won out, being only slightly more pleasant! The idea is to create a zine about your assigned eurovision participant nation in just 168 hours (starting Saturday morning and finishing on Thursday, when zines shall be hurriedly rushed to Sticky!)
This target is organised by the fabulous Sticky Institute. My country is Malta, and being half-maltese, I'm putting in a full half-hearted attempt! The image here is nowhere near as messy as what my comic/zine has ended up looking like (being inked largely on my knees in front of the telly) but it tells the story of my passion for Eurovision which gripped my adolescent mind when my second cousin twice removed came second for Malta in 2002!