Wednesday, June 19, 2013

F for Fail

Because I'm a really lazy person and I don't have anything better to do than set myself ridiculous deadlines that I can't achieve, I've decided to join in with Anthony Woodward's Mini Comics Challenge and make a comic about Freja, the babing Nordic goddess of love. I've been obsessed with Freja for a little while now - pretty much since I found out that she has a Battle Pig and a magic cape made of feathers. Should I be praying to her for strength? Twelve pages of comics in twelve weeks - sounds like a piece of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting on top... or not. Well - its a challenge at any rate, so I'm counting on the fact that we're allowed to fail.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Days of the week

As someone who finds the indigenous gods of Western Europe rather charming how delighted I was to find out that the days of the week in English take their names directly from a pagan pantheon of deities. Did you know that? There's the pretty obvious Moon, Sun and Saturn's day, but did you know that Friday (Freja's Day) is named after the Norse goddess of passionate love and fertility? Or that Thursday (Thor's Day) is named after that great hammer-wielding brute immortalised by Marvel in an appalling comic strip of the same name? There's also the more obscure Tuesday (Tiw's Day) - one-armed Norse god of law and glory - and who could forget Wednesday (Odin's Day) named after the heroic master of Valhalla.