Tuesday, August 30, 2011

wound up

I gotta new wind-up radio last week (yes, it has a little handle!) So, I've been tuning into 3CR, which is Melbourne's coolest radio station in case you didn't know, and getting an education (it has a comics show, need I say any more?) I was lucky enough to catch a broadcast earlier in the week by Karen Healey, speaking at the Tights & Tiaras conference at Monash Uni this month. You should definately listen to it, even if you hate super hero comics (like me!) And if that gets you going you could read Karen's now defunct (but archived none the less) blog: Girls Read Comics & They're Pissed.
Who knows... maybe I'll even try reading Wonder Woman?

Monday, August 22, 2011

forest place

At the weekend we went up to Toolangi, to witness the shameful logging that has been ripping right through the heart of this gorgeous wet rainforest. Some of the brave folk who have been risking their lives to stop the logging going on briefed us on the woeful situation. Toolangi, which missed the brunt of the Black Saturday fires by a hairs breadth, forms some of the only remaining habitat for the now critically endangered Leadbeater's possum. Volunteer surveyors have found two live leadbeaters nests within the coupes, but due to the absurdity of the Government's guidelines it is their habitat which is protected, not the actual possums themselves. And "habitat" according to government guidelines must cover an area at least 3 hectares - the coupes conveniently cover only 2.

The situation is made all the more upsetting for those who braved the fires two years ago, because once the forest is logged it will be replanted with highly flammable eucalypt saplings, increasing fire risk in the future.

When the next fire comes, we'll know who to blame.

Friday, August 5, 2011

new zine deluxe

I was very excited this last week to sell-out (not in the bad sense) at Sticky once again. It does, in some ways, make me feel entitled to make zines instead of doing boring things like my homework or my share of the dishes. And that is what I have promptly done, with an old story and some old bits of fabric and my printer and my sewing machine. Adeline the Awful is a story I wrote a while back and drew some pictures for more recently, and it will be very soonly available for a reasonable price - and, I must add, in limited edition! The edgings have been hand cut and sewn, and with poor sewing skills like mine, its simply an offer that cannot last!