Sunday, February 27, 2011

he's behind you

It's the last day of summer and how happy I am that it is a little chilly and I can already feel autumn coming on! The last week of summer (as in last week) was a busy one for me and my new HP Laserjet 1600. Together we achieved the creation of a total of almost 90 zines, most of which have found their way to Sticky with a small portion being posted off to Format in Adelaide, my first foray into that westerly state. Alongside a re-print of Flora there was a batch of Happy Crap, Sooky Cloud and Evil Mushroom as well as a new comic Dreamwalker, which has wasted most of my black toner. Props to Friends of the Earth for letting me use their super guillotine too!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

try again!

Though I have been known to willingly (perhaps over-willingly) participate in Valentine's Day festivities in the past, this year I wish to commemorate the date with That Hurt!, a new zine of tattoo ideas for the broken hearted. Prototypes of TH sold out at Saturday's mega-zine fest, and this week I will be printing up a fresh new bunch which will promptly be available at Sticky for those in need of some needy-needled nymphs to cheer them up post-V's D.

In other exciting news, last week Hairy Bloke got its first review, it was so nice it made me blush.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

shitty day

No I didn't stand in a poo, but today has been a really shitty day! Sticky Zine Fair is in less than one week and the (supposedly super) HP LaserJet 1600 my uncle gifted me has given me nothing but troubles. Halfway through printing a ream of Happy Crap and Sooky Cloud zines it has, ironically, decided to give up on life. Shitty printer = sooky girl.