Friday, October 28, 2011

road trip!

This weekend is going to be all about my boy, my bike and my book. We're road tripping up to Castlemaine, courtesy of V-Line, before hopping on our bikes and heading south to Daylesford where the weekend will be spent. Although, the prospects aren't looking promising as I write this, with rain pouring down, and N on the veranda, cursing, with my bike in pieces. Fingers crossed we make it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Ever since my true-love bought me Pablo Holmberg's delightful Edén back from the USA earlier this year I have been percolating, slowly, softly, some ideas about a strange place all of my own, constructed only in sets of four square panels.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

bon temps!

N and I just returned on the o'ernight train from Newcastle: sleepy, stiff and satisfied. From the moment we stepped into the home of Newie's finest activists we were made to feel welcome, and it was a shame we didn't get to spend more time hanging out at their inner-suburban californian bungalow compound-cum-activist lair. But there was a festival to enjoy, and a city full of grand broken-down buildings to explore and grumpy service-people to annoy!
Despite warnings from some locals we actually managed to enjoy our time at TINA - though some of the events we went to were pretty average, there were many that were simply stellar, and made the long journey worth it. The zine fair too exceeded expectations (mine were pretty low to start with, after being billed $20 for a stall). To help justify the cost I decided I would lower myself as a zine-maker and do some 'crafts' to sell... I made these super-twee mushroom chains, and someone actually bought one!