Saturday, July 23, 2011


Sad news this week, with VicForests (the State Government's logging arm), smashing up pristine forest at Sylvia Creek, despite opposition from locals and greenies alike. Boo! What a bunch of meanies! I was in the mood for drawing trees this week, but this stinky news made it all the more pertinent.
The forest forms part of the ever-dwindling habitat of Australia's cutest marsupial and also Victoria's faunal emblem: the leadbeaters possum. VicForests bozos claim they have left a habitat "island" within the forest (in light of conservationists concerns, not their own black hearts), which they say will ensure any possums in the area survive (they also say there are no possums in the area, which may give you some insight into their skills of reason and analysis).
Anyway, I'd like to see how well folks here in Melbourne would survive if VicForests, say, smashed up a few hundred hectares of freeways. Starvation anyone? Rant ends here!

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Jill said...

That smells rotten!