Saturday, May 21, 2011

Beach babes

This is the gorgeous view from my desk at the Queenscliff Neighbourhood House, where I have been hanging out the last little while, drawing pictures and drinking copious amounts of peppermint tea (I have a cold).
The 'Cliff is my hometown, and I've been invited back as a part of the local council's Sea of Words. Being invited back home, and also, Queenscliff being a nautical town (as you might have guessed from its appropriately themed writers fest), I brought my copy of Dylan Horrocks' awesome Hicksville along for a read today... and simply couldn't help myself! There is a lighthouse outside my window!! If it wasn't located within the grounds of the local naval base I would be scrounging about there right now in search of some hidden treasures.

(apologies to Dylan Horrocks and people who like nicely photoshopped pictures)

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Deborah Brearley said...

We all had lots of fun at Camp Hicksville on Sunday!!