Monday, May 16, 2011

mini zinesters

This is the amazing stash of zines I picked up today at Queenscliff Primary School. I've been at the school the last couple of days, introducing the kids to the concept of zines and running a mega-workshop on how to make them. Today we worked the photocopier and after lunch held a super zine swap! I have to say I was blown away by the talent - with titles like Angry Eggplant (grade prep), Splice Mice (grade six) and My Dad Smells (grade four) making it a very competitive swapping field!

(Angry Eggplant)

(Splice Mice)

(My Dad Smells)


Suzanne said...

I have to agree, they are a talented bunch of kids at QPS. Thanks for all your efforts at the school, many a child has been inspired!

Damian said...

G'day! This is Damian from the Perth Zine Collective. We are always surprised by the amazing stuff kids come up with in our workshops. Titles like "Glitter Zine" (I've never seen so much glitter) are renowned and fondly remembered within the Collective. These look awesome. I particularly like the sound of "My dad smells!"