Monday, December 26, 2011

keep whales in the ground

When my dad was a young hippy dude in the 70s he wore two badges to his science lectures religiously: "keep uranium in the ground" and "save the whales". For the sake of brevity one of his lecturers suggested he combine the two into "keep whales in the ground". Tee hee. The badges have since been retired, but before becoming a washed up baby-boomer my dad didn't fail to pass on his passion for the environment to me. This year has been a big year for me doing hippy things, and while I'm not that into wearing 1-inch badges, I am into chronicling my exploits through the medium of sequential narrative. Yes that's right, I made a mini-comic about my year as a freshly minted activist. Its called Spirit Fingers and very soon I will make some more and take them to place where they may be exchanged for coins or swappage.


memtree said...

oh sounds awesome! will you be at the sticky zine fair next year?

Maude Farrugia said...

I sure hope so! are you having a stall too?