Tuesday, January 3, 2012

year for hanging out with books

Happy new year! I'm so excited! Why? Because 2012 is the National Year of Reading! Not that I need that as an excuse to spend time with my nose in a book, but somehow it seems to justify the little pile of Too-Many-Books-To-Possibly-Read-At-Once beside my bed. At the moment I am dividing my attention between Radical Melbourne, one of SLV's recommended summer-reads, and Janet Frame's The Carpathians. I've been on a bit of a Frame kick of late and have been trying to convince N to watch An Angel At My Table for the third time. Apart from the fact it is amazing, I just adore that scene where little-Janet has won a year-long membership to the Athaeneum Library, and she goes there and is overwhelmed by all these amazing books. Its a tearjerker, that's for sure, not to mention a reminder that libraries are super important and lovely.


sal said...

Yay for Year of Reading! (what year isn't that year, though??)
Janet Frame, eh? Okeydoke, will put her on my list. Although Ruth Park might have to come first. It's been FAR TOO LONG since I read any of Ruth and I'm all re-inspired after reading Gillian Mears' 'Foal's Bread' (BEST book I've read in AAAAAAGES), since there is more than a little spirit of Ruth betwixt those pages.
And Maude, I wanna do a swapsie with you! I made a colouring book before Xmas and would love to swap for one of your anythings! What do I have to do?
Sal x

Maude Farrugia said...

Hey lovely sal!
Its been a while since I've read any Ruth as well... another awesome Kiwi!
Yes let's do a swapsie, I'll PM you my address.