Tuesday, January 24, 2012

dirty shitty things

'Clean Coal' may be to some a dirty lie, but to me it is an endless excuse to poke fun at this silly idea that has yet to be proven in the actual real world on a commercial scale. Ever. In the actual real world, however, the increasingly desperate coal lobby is dreaming up more and more crazy, cost-ineffecient and often dangerous methods of capturing carbon dioxide and pumping it deep into the ground. Seriously, if you've had enough of doom and gloom just take a quick squiz at the the DPI's brochure entitled 'Putting the Carbon Back' or my personal favourite for Most-Shameless-Business-Name-Ever-Award Environmental Clean Solutions. I guarantee it, you will be ROFLing on the carpet with bitter tears streaming from your eyes.
On a more serious note however, the next few weeks will be make-or-break-time for the dodgy HRL project that has been limping along for the last 7 years. There is a rally (Feb 1, 12.30, Parli). You should go there.


Anonymous said...

So what should we do ??? nothing???
We need the asians to go nuclear?

Maude Farrugia said...

Why hello Anonymous, lovely to meet you. What we should do, in my opinion and that of many others, is follow the sage advice of the Beyond Zero Emissions Stationary Energy plan, which you may peruse at this location: http://beyondzeroemissions.org/zero-carbon-australia-2020